1966 VW Bug

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In 1983, I purchased a faded blue, rust-free 1966 VW Bug for $200. The engine had been dismantled and the various parts stored inside the car on the seats. So much for the interior! My father and I rebuilt the stock 1500cc engine as a 1600cc. 66 VW Bug Once the engine was running, I did some minor bodywork before having it repainted the original Sea Blue color. The picture to the left shows the bug just days after being repainted. Over the next several years, I made several modifications. I lowered the front end, added front disk brakes and converted it to 4-bolt wheels all around. Then I installed a set of original Porsche 2-liter alloy wheels that I had fully polished. 2-Liter rimsA set of Recaro seats from a early '70's Porsche 911 finished off the interior nicely. The picture to the right shows the rims that I installed. If you look closely, you can also see my Father's white 1965 convertible in the background.

Clean engineAfter about several years and 20,000 miles of severe service (Hey, I was a teenager!), the original engine suffered a bearing failure. Chronic overheating was the culprit, due to an aggressive driving style.Crunch! I had come across a factory-remanufactured 40hp engine, so I paint-detailed it and installed it the Bug. That engine was still in the car when a Olds Delta 88 crashed into me and totalled the Bug. Ouch! :(

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