VW's of Washington, DC

I have taken pictures of several interesting VW's while driving around the Washington, DC area. I was thinking that people might find it interesting to see what VW's are running around my hometown. I'll try to upload a few more every couple of weeks. If you live or work in the DC area, and have an interesting VW that you would like to have featured, please send me an E-mail!

Black BeetleHere are a few photos of a 1966 Beetle taken while I was driving through Rockville, MD in September of 1999. While these may be a dime a dozen in SoCal, they are rather uncommon around here!

Black Beetle When the car pulled into a store parking lot, I followed it and introduced myself to the owners. They are an older German couple, probably in their mid-60's.Turns out they were the original owners of the car! I asked if I could take a few more pictures of them and the car, but they were too camera shy.

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