1997 Mid-Atlantic Holiday Bus Fest

This Winter, we got to meet at Tom and Michelle's new home, which was literally around the corner from where he used to live. Most of us gear-heads envy Tom, as he now has his very own 2-car garage!

Note:Click on thumbnails for expanded images!

Tom's Synchro Here you can see Tom Forhan's Synchro at the very top of his driveway, and his *huge* garage in the background. No, that's not his house in the background..thats just the garage! I think his Synchro looks right at home in the underbrush. Just to the left of Tom's van, you can see the nose of Charlie Ford's infamous "Mothership".

Parked VWsThis is another view of Tom's van and a few others in front of the garage. Once again, you can see part of the Mothership. Elusive beast, I was somehow never able to get a full shot of it. I also recognize the van on the left from Tom's 1996 party. Now, if I could just figure out who owns it....

Blue CrewBlue Crew There was a really nicely restored 1969 (or so) Crew Cab that Bob Brusick drove to the party. Bob hails from Northern Virginia Here's a couple of pictures from the front and side. I would love to have a Vanagon version of the same thing!

Pat's SynchroAnother repeat visitor, "FoxHunter" Pat Horrocks drove her Synchro in from the Leesburg, Virginia area. We talked about the virtues of 4WD, good tires and traction. Not much in the way of snow this year for the Washington, DC area. Notice the custom fold-down bike carrier on the front of Pat's Vanagon.

Ron's WestyRon Salmon, owner of The Bus Depot, drove down from Pennsylvania in his Westy. I'm guessing that his Vanagon is an 1987 or so. Good to know that the guy selling us the parts is into Vanagons as well!

Sean's WestySean Bartnik managed to take a few hours off from his studies to enjoy the fun. Here is a picture of his clean Westy. Looks as good as it did last year! Sean picked up his Westy from another listmember, Rick Koeller. Rick was at the party in his Vanagon GL, but the picture I took didn't come out...but I know where he works..I'll have to stalk his van in a parking lot at work for a clear shot!

Steven's camper
Steve Dolan was at the party again this year, but driving a different bus than the year before. Hey Steve - Where was the chili this year? :)

Brown Vanagon Sonny the owner of this Vanagon with a very nicely preserved paint job. He had recently swapped the wasserboxer's head gaskets, if I remember correctly. From his description, it sounded like a involved, but doable job.

Tan WestyTan VanagonThe tan '86 Westy to the left belongs to Doug Bensen. To the right is another tan Vanagon that was at the party, but I never ran into the owners. Maybe next year we will hook up!

Tom and Michelle, I'm already looking forward to the next party! Thanks for having us over again!

Please stop back soon!
Tom Carrington