March 12, 1998

Hello TDI Volks,

I just want to keep you up to date with a short notice.

I am still waiting for some confirmation of prices and parts from various suppliers and will post them as soon as they come available. I will get some catalogues by mail and also tried to speed things up with a couple of faxes.

Helmut Zeidler will visit Martin Schulte (who has done a TDI conversion) this weekend. His website is (German):
I am in email contact with both of them. Martin will also post a step by step description of his conversion shortly. I offered my help to make an English translation available.

I am trying to get some deals from various supppliers which takes a little bit of time. You will be kept informed as things unfold. When things get serious I will post some pictures and details. You can get the some info about the TDI engine from VW (German) at:

Eventually all information will be available in English.

I am keeping this mailing list for direct information as an effort to reduce the amount of unwanted email for people. I will later post summaries on the vanagon list for future reference via the archives.

I am looking forward to have the 800km driving range per tank at some point in the near future.


Björn Ratjen

1987 Syncro Est Alia (self camperized)
1995 Passat TD
(1982 Vanagon Diesel)
1979 VW Bus (self- camperized)

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Tom Carrington