Hello TDI Volks,

The word service is a foreign word in Germany and therefore responses often take a little longer. It's in the culture where there it is more difficult to establish a relationship, but once it's happening there is a lot of commitment.

I finally received a response from HA Projekt, one of the possible sources for engines and conversion kits. Here are the main excerpts (in quotes, translated) with my unfiltered comments:

"We are offering:

1VW 1.9L TDI 90HP engine 29000kms adapted and ready for a Syncro Vanagon incl. clutch, oil pan with new oil pump, special enginemounts: 6900.00 DM incl. tax.

All our engines include the following parts:
all engine accessories such as turbo, alternator, waterpump etc., cable set, air filter, oxi-cat, gas pedal poti, ecu."

my comment:
Quite pricy so far. It sounds like a used motor. Deduct about 15% for the German added value tax which is included and calculate exchange rate.

"For conversion you will also need:
engine mount 395.00 DM
intercooler, because the original one cannot be placed properly and will not be effective 1995.00 DM
oil cooler: 13 row cooler
incl. mounts, hose, etc. 595.00 DM
gas pedal conversion 495.00 DM
clutch kit 490.00 DM
cable set and adapter 695.00 DM

In addition you will need several smaller parts which we did not include since they have to be adapted to the specific vehicle."

my comment:
I thought engine mounts were included as well as clutch and cable set and gas pedal conversion. How about that intercooler, yikes. Deduct about 15% for the added value tax. I know that Martin Schulte spend 7500 DM for his total conversion.

"We only do conversions with 4cyl engines, because the transmissions set limits.

There are stronger gears for the 3rd and 4th gear available for more demanding applications and chip tuning.
pro gear 495.00 DM

The fuel tank stays original as well as starter and other parts from the 1.6TD."

my comment:
That may be a nice option to accommodate the increase in torque.

"The vehicle will have a fantastic torque curve, which dramatically improves
uphill driving and trailer pulling."

my comment:
drool... that's more like it! But we have to work on the pricing.

They will also send me their 1998 catalogue.
Well, I definitely have to tune the pricing downward. It all depends on the availability of the TDI engines in North America. Winkler has not responded yet and there is more investigation underway.

By the way, I will need to know in the near future whether I will do this conversion by myself and share the experience, or if you are really interested to warrant a group purchase and what would be your price limit? Maybe those of you who are really serious can email me their thoughts. I don't mind doing this either way.


Björn Ratjen, Ph.D.

ph/fax (250) 743-7575

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