Hello Volks,

Yesterday I finally got my complete almost new 1.9L TDI engine which will find its place in my Syncro Vanagon. I have all the cable clusters and accessories and even the instrument cluster from the 98 Passat where it came from. This way I can also check the actual mileage once I find the right connector for the digital displays. The instruments seem to fit in the centre of the vanagon's panel which gives me some more ideas to think about.

I will do the actual conversion when it is a bit warmer and dryer again. In the meantime I have a lot of time for thinking and planning and tinkering: extended anticipation.

I will mount the engine in a more upright position and extend the engine cover accordingly. The electrical part looks like a few hours of work ....

I just wanted to share.


Björn Ratjen
Mill Bay, B.C.

1987Vanagon est alia (self camperized, TDI wannabe)
1978 VW Bulli (self camperized)
1995 Passat TD Wagon (hers)
1970 VW Beetle (son's)

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