Michael Vickey's VW's

3 clean Crews

For several years now, Michael Vickey has maintained an extensive collection of super-clean Double Cab Transporters, Westy campers and Eurovans. These vans are difficult to find for sale in Canada, and almost impossible here in the USA! He recently decided to sell a few of the Double Cab Transporters from his collection. Mike decided to keep the '90 dark blue Double Cab in the center of the above photo, and part with the others. Fellow Vanagon List member Darrell Boehler has already purchased the 1985 seen on the left, but the red 1988 Double Cab on the right is still available!

Here's some more info on the 1988 truck for sale:
Note: Click on thumbnails for expanded images!

88 Double Cab 88 Double Cab
General information:
Gray Tweed Seating for 5.
Professionally Painted - Inside and Outside - Tornado Red.

Mechanical info:
The original 2.1L Wasserboxer engine has been recently replaced.
Interior View 88 Double Cab 4-Speed manual transmission and new tires.
New front brake calipers.
Runs fast and strong, no leaks.
$14,000 / Offers Considered

Here are some photos of the '85 Double Cab that is now owned by Darrell Boehler.
Side View Side View Rear View Front View Interior Interior

90 Double Cab And here is another picture of the '90 Double Cab that Michael is keeping for himself.

90 Syncro Double Cab 90 Syncro Double Cab
He also drives this stunning black '90 Syncro Double Cab Transporter.

Rounding out Michael's collection are a silver '91 Syncro Camper, a gray 87 Syncro Vanagon, a real nice burgundy '88 Carat, and a red '93 Eurovan.

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