Audi V-6 Powered Vanagon Multivan

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Click for Engine... In September of 1997 I bought a 1992 model Vanagon Limited Last Edition. I replaced the original engine with an Audi V6 engine in March 98...

If you are interested, you can read a report on these pages about the whole conversion and get tips-n-tricks concerning merging the car with the engine.

Info about me, my Multivan, Addresses and Links, Update-List

Report of the conversion, Detailed photos, tips&tricks

Photos of the Van, Equipment, and other stuff

Thanks to Matthias Bachmann for lending me the digital camera and to Nils who almost forced me to put the V6 into the Van.

Last but not least, I have to mention Egon Peters from the VW Dealer in Uesen. He has always helped us and can still stand our almost daily appearances.

Last updated: 02.22.1999