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Hallo! First, welcome to my T3-Homepage. Itīs not quite complete, and itīs my first try in designing a Web Page...

So, no Frames and all that stuff. But I am always interested in new ideas. Please E-mail me with any suggestions you may have.

But now the important things:

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I own a "Limited Last Edition" Multivan, Number 0719 in orly-blue metallic. It originally came with the 92HP-wasserboxer engine. I removed the Boxer and replaced it with an Audi V6 2.8ltr engine that produces 128HP. No, the Boxer was not ready for "engine-heaven", but the Audi had an accident and so I got the engine from a good friend. The conversion is the main topic of this homepage and perhaps you would be happy to read about it.

First, the initial conversion was roughly completed in about 2 weeks, and the enhancements are still in progress.

As you tour this page you will find some Info about the Van, Addresses of shops (only German, sorry!) that can offer help for your conversion and a few(!) Links to some other Homepages. Finally, there is some information about me(thereīs no one looking anyway, so this info is on the last few lines of the page...)

Perhaps we will meet sometime in the future..

 Info about theT3:

In 1990, the T4 (Eurovan to Americans) was introduced as the replacement for the T3 Vanagon. There was a short period during which both the T4 and T3 were available. In 1992, the last 2500 Vanagons that were built at the VW-factories in Graz were known as the "Limited Last Edition" (LLE). They are the last rear engine vans ever built in Germany. They are equipped with an exclusive interior layout that is identical to the "Blue" and "Whitestar" series built in the last years of the T3.


You can identify a true LLE by locating the "Limited Last Edition" badge on the front left, under the wipers. Another badge is (not all LLE have this badge as far as I know), on the left side of the rear hatch. Finally, all LLEs have a number on both front doors (counting from 0001 to 2500). The only colors that were available in tornado red or in orlyblue-metallic. The last LLE (Number 2500) is in the museum of Volkswagen in Wolfsburg,Germany.


Every LLE had a Authenticity Certification proving that the car was a "real" LLE (Tip to all LLE-Owners if there are some out of Germany: If you havnīt got this Certificate try calling in Hannover, they will send it to you for free, I got it out of the VW-archives, too. Keep in mind that you need your LLE-number and the car-identification-number).

There were two engines available: The 92HP Waterboxer with normal gasoline with a 3-way-catalyst and the 70HP Turbodiesel. Special characteristic: The 92HP-Waterboxer (engine sign SS) has 3HP less than all other catalyst engines, but it complies with the EU-norm concerning noise emission. And like all other 2.1ltr-Boxers it is equipped with a rev-limiter that limits the engine to 6000 rpm. But I never had the courage to try it !!!

Another question: My 92 HP Boxer took 12,5 bis 13,5 Ltrs. gasoline, no matter if it was driven calm or really cruel and went on to 155 km/h. Other 112HP-driver donīt believe me and report an average consumption of 16-18 ltrs., without catalyst. Are they mad or is my Boxer an exception? Emailwould be nice!!!

Alloy Wheel

The LLE, like the "Stars", has lowered springs, and the VW Light-Alloy-Wheels and exclusive plastic bumpers just like the Caravelle Carat.

Addresses for the T3:

AVT Bremen, Conversion to Audi V6 with new bellhousing, all other adapters and parts are also available,

Demovideo can be seen!!

Gustav-Adolf-Str. 8, 28215 Bremen, Tel.: 0421/3808001 o. 354958, Fax.: 3808002


DS-Tuning, Conversion to Audi V6 with adapter plate

Lingen(Ems), Tel.: 0591/74737, Fax.: 76940



Links concerning theT3(only a few):

VW-Bus-Club Koblenz: Infos about the club, meetings, for VW-Vans T1-T4

VW-Bus-Club Siebengebirge: Infos about the Vans, large question/answer section, photo gallery

T3 Total: Only for the T3, short presentation of the diferent T3 Vans, infos, links, tips&tricks

Vanagon: english Page, mit engine conversions, links, tips&tricks, very exciting for conversion freaks!



Infos about theT3-owner (me!):

Raimund Feussner, age 22, student near Bremen, always open-minded for Van-Interested people (and not only male ones!!!)



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 Update-History since release of theT3-Homepage:


V0.9 (Early May1998):

- Upload onto the AOL-Server. Testing and checking the first times.


V1.0 (30.05.1998):

- Small Changes, URL released in several homepages

- Changing of the layout to black letters and bright background for a better reading on paper


V1.1 (06.06.1998):

- Correction of the r.p.m.-thing


V1.2 (19.07.1998):

- Alternative title for the pictures added

- Logo changed from "T2" to "T3"


V1.3 (10.08.1998):

- translation into english, "Change Language" page added

- Upload onto the Freepage Server

- New URL released in other homepages.


V1.3 (19.10.1998):

- Completed english version of the conversion page (Bloody technical descriptions!)


V2.0 (03.11.1998):

- photopage available

- thanx to Egon "VAG" Peters added


V2.1 (28.01.1999):

- uploaded all photos on pic-page


Next steps planned: layouting of the conversion page und additional photos, descripting of the conversion has to become more detailed.


Last Updated 28.01.1999