VW Technical Pages

This is a collection of "how-to" and informational articles about maintaining and upgrading your Vanagon. If you would like to author an article, feel free to E-mail me and I will be happy to include it in these pages.

Replacing your Vanagon's clutch.
Cheap Vanagon alternator alternatives.
Replacing your Vanagon's front shock absorbers.
Replacing a Wasserboxer 1.9L water pump.
Repairing a leaking steel brake line.
Servicing your Vanagon's front wheel bearings
Replacing your Vanagon's upper balljoint
Problem with the Vanagon 091-1 transmission
Maintaining your Vanagon's CV (Constant Velocity) joints

Courtesy of Helmut Zeidler:
Installing rear seatbelts in your Westy Vanagon

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